Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

I reserve the absolute privilege to be right, wrong, misinformed, arbitrary, imbecilic and inarticulate.

A bit flat

Played a bit of this and that for the past week and none of it has gone well, nothing problematical to my bankroll, but not managed to take charge at any table I’ve played, not even for a short spell. Made a few quid at the 2p/4p cash tables, but most of it was in one big pot, I called a shove with two pair against a possible flush, he turned over top pair. Would like to say that I recognised his betting as that of someone with a made hand rather than that of someone on a draw, but I didn’t. I made a few pence on a freeroll picking up nothing and just cowering down in my bunker, whilst the aggressive players hoovered up the blinds all around me, but having taken the rebuy and the add on I was down by a few net pence. I was quite pleased to have made the most of what I had and had a couple of hours play for 58p in effect. Played a Deep Stack and found it much more frenetic than I remembered and was out after about 20 hands, I was all in with AQ against JJ and AK, certainly a hand that I could have laid down in a Deep Stack but I had already had by stack whittled away when I picked up enough to get involved in pots with, no help on the flop and either my opponents did get help or just wouldn’t be raised off the pot. Played a freeroll which I guess was put in due to a FUBAR at Sky Poker when an update they applied caused problems. Called off the majority of my stack to the same player, each time I made a split pair on the flop and each time she had trips, 7s and 8s, which was annoying but she played it very cannily, didn’t get greedy and I handed over 2/3rds of my stack over the course of 4 hands. She was being the aggressor and I was just calling, might have saved myself some chips if I’d reraised after the flop first time around as she made trips on the turn. I would have brushed it off as one of the things that happens in poker if it had just happened the once, I guess now I just have to brush it off as two of those things that happen at poker.

Heartbeats have not been raised by poker a great deal this week, which is good I suppose as I like to be as clinical with my game as I can but it is good to feel a little more involved than I’ve been recently, 450 hands worth of experience gained and I’m back reading Vorhaus’ Killer Poker Online 2 and trying to apply it to my game, particularly getting back to the habit of taking notes, I’m trying to do this whilst in a tournament and think I might be better off doing it from the rail as I don’t seem to have the time whilst playing.