Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

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Blink of an eye

And my time at the Rebuy Open table was done. Well maybe a little more than just the one blink, was in for about 25 minutes, didn’t pick up a lot, got paid for KK and a little for A8, without showing down either. Had a punt with a couple of other hands and picked up the blinds and kicked out the odd limper, though there were few enough about, so I thought I had a fairly tight image and was a little surprised when I paired an A on the turn, shoved, and got called. There was nothing else going on, no straight or flush draws and turns over K10 for 2nd pair; the good news ends there, made 2 pair on the river and it’s time to leave.

The play, as much of it that I saw, was a little different, though not dramatically so. Not many looks at cheap flops and having to look at calling off big raises post flop in late position, only had one hand to make a decision on and it was fairly easy to fold and study what was going on a little longer, though ‘little’ was the operative word in the phrase.

Can’t complain, got my chips in ahead, something like 8:1 or better favourite with 1 card to come I would guess, 5 of 42 unseen cards help, you’ll take those situations everytime, but you’re still going to lose some, just glad it didn’t happen on the bubble for some worthwhile cash, then I would have complained!