Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

I reserve the absolute privilege to be right, wrong, misinformed, arbitrary, imbecilic and inarticulate.

Again, and again

Made it to the final table in the Premiership freeroll again last night and again I went out 6th. I don’t feel I played that well last night, needed more than a little help from the cards on occasions but milked it for a good period. During this rush one of the players I took out seemed to get all bent out of shape, whining like a stuck pig about me taking him out with a ‘rag ace’. I see a lot of chat about playing a ‘rag ace’ and some of it is thoughtful and some of it thoughtless rants about being busted by one, but fundamentally when I come to a table I don’t recall signing any binding commitment to play nothing worse than, say, AJ and make my game easier for my opponents to read. I generally play pretty tight and I do, very occasionally, play low suited cards, low connectors or a raggy ace, sometimes limping, sometimes raising. I picked up A3o on the button, no callers and bet 5 x BB for 10k, SB(whiner) calls, BB calls all in for 3k. Flop comes down 239 rainbow, SB shoves with his remaining 33k, I like the texture of the flop, I’ve made middle pair and have outs, 2 x 3, 3 x A and runners for the straight and I don’t think SB has hit the flop so I call. He turns over KQ, so he has 3 x K, 2 x Q(BB holds a Q) and runners for the straight, so exactly the same outs as me and I have a made hand and the overcard. My pair hold up and he goes home, squealing on the way. Now I’m not expecting him to be happy, I wouldn’t be, but was losing to A3 some sort of insult to his manhood, assuming he was male, had a male avatar, that’s all I know? Would he have felt better if I played A9 and paired the 9, would that have been less of a slight? I had been quite aggressive leading up to that point, stolen some blinds but also showed down some good hands, I had certainly not attempted to steal with air and usually just raising 2 or 3 x BB, this time I show strength raising 5 x BB, SB gets nothing on the flop but shoves anyway. He was far from pot committed at this point and a half pot bet would have left him a stack of 24k or thereabouts and my decision would have been more difficult but I thought the shove looked weak. If someone wants to tell me I’m wrong, with a detailed explanation, I’m ready to listen.

Went to the final table in decent shape and picked up nothing higher than a Q and nothing to go with it, after watching blinds eat me up for a while I ended up all in with Q10 and lost to A9, but A9 is OK to play, right?