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Monthly Archives: September 2010

So that’s just about it then

For another fantasy baseball season. In the playoff for 7-8th in H2H and trying to cling onto 4/5/6th in Roto. We are far from short of excuses in H2H with a couple of nailed on starters for the ‘all disappointment’ team, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Matt Kemp and Mr Pablo Sandoval. Jimmy […]

Ichiro Suzuki

Nothing particularly fantasy related about Ichiro reaching 200 hits for the 10th straight season, you either have him on your team or you don’t. As a fantasy player this year he hasn’t been bad enough for an extended period to trade away but neither has he been outstanding enough to trade for. The reason I […]

In response to:Sky Poker Premiership

…just to quickly add – I work for Sky Poker and specifically look at customer/user comments and how we respond, making sure we can help and offer advice. I came across your great blog and thought this would be a good place and opportunity to get in touch. Sorry I missed that off my introduction! […]

In response to:Sky Poker Premiership

Hi wowbagger, A good read, and we value all feedback on our site and promotions that we do. We will certainly look at the points you raise and take them into consideration. You make some valid points and there is certainly always room for improvement in the way we do these competitions which we will […]