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Monthly Archives: July 2010

MLB trade deadline

A fairly quiet affair all told, which seems to be the trend nowadays, with the big deals not flirting with the last few hours. Haren, Oswald and Lee all taken care of days rather than hours before the cutoff, Dunn stays put as does Willingham and Bautista, Scott Downs still in Toronto. Yankees acquire Berkman […]

In response to:Sky Broadband

Thanks for that, blogged a few times on my issues with Sky but no one had expressed any opinion on Sky and whether they were better or worse than any other ISP.

Sky Broadband

Broadband performance via Sky continues to suck, not as badly as in the past but still abysmally slow in peak times, 17.00 through to 01.00 on some nights, sometimes picking up an hour or so earlier. Sky still claim, when they eventually get back to me, that the problem remains BT poking about in my […]

H2H roster move

God bothering, pie throwing Chris Coghlan is gone, from podcasts and reports it seems that god has decided to test just how much ridicule Coghlan can endure but hasn’t yet decided whether to rip his meniscus or medial collateral ligament, either way I don’t suppose he’ll be kneeling much for the next 6 weeks at […]