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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Anyone for tennis? Lots of tennis?

Lots and lots of tennis, I mean seriously stupid amounts of tennis, all in one match? I can take or leave tennis, be it Wimbledon or any other tournament but this was utterly facinating. For anyone who hasn’t heard, play was suspeneded this evening with Mahut and Isner locked at 59 games all in the […]



Unconvincing would be about as enthusiastic as I can get following England’s performance this evening. Movement was better, though not that much better and before the goal we still looked pretty static, we pressed the ball better, though I don’t think Slovenia were technically as good as Algeria, and Germany will certainly not cough up […]

A tough watch

Despite all the column inches telling us that we have three world class players, this evening’s game tells me that we only have one and whilst he was on the pitch, he seemed to be playing with someone else’s feet. Rooney does not appear to be match fit and certainly not match sharp and neither […]

H2H week 10

Another significant win last week, 10 2 0, which has elevated us to 1st place overall. Won 5 1 0 on each side of the ball, somehow losing AVG whilst winning OPS comfortably and losing SAVES 0 2. 3 HOLDS were enough to take the category again this week, vulture WINS from Rhodes and Wood […]

The hype is here!

And I’m not talking about the World Cup, though the advent of this phenomena has been anticipated for nearly as long. I’m talking about the legendary, Hall of Fame, though still a rookie, pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who made his first start in the majors Wednesday evening. I won’t deny that having failed to reach early […]