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Roto week 11

A couple of experiments have been ended now, Beckham has continued around the Mendosa line even though inter league play has woken up the White Sox. Whilst they continued to stink it up I could understand Guillen persevering with him with an eye to the future but if they think they can win now, they will be looking for more production and I think the likelihood of Beckham being sent down or losing sihgnificant playing time has increased substantially. I have to say I was surprised to find Chipper Jones on the wire and have picked him up to play 3rd, his struggles have been no secret this season, but his body of work would have earned him a bench spot for longer than this I would have thought, and his recent numbers are respectable.

I’ve now jettisoned Chapman, the Reds still have not given a strong indication of when he might come up, but they have had him pitching in relief at Triple A and indicated that he may well come up and go to the pen. There are some serviceable pitchers on the wire so I didn’t spend too much time making a decision to take Morrow, I haven’t heard much mention of him recently so his recent numbers came as a bit of a surprise, they suggest that he may have worked some of his control problems and even though his k per 9 rate has taken a bit of a hit, it’s still good and the Blue Jays are still in the conversation in the AL East. He’ll still be on a short leash, after all he is Brandon Morrow and it is still the AL East.

I’ve managed to climb back into the arm wrestle for 3rd place but there are 6 teams between 79 and 91 points and I’m right in the middle. Whilst numbers have been better, Upton and Konerko, with some help from Fielder, driving the hitting and SAVES from Wilson, a couple of WINS from Mo keeping the pitching in reasonable shape, just as I wouldn’t have thought the numbers were bad enough a few weeks back, to let me sink to 58 points, I wouldn’t have thought them good enough to get me back to 85?! I think I will stop looking at daily figures, they just confuse me, and check a couple of times a week to see where I am.

Heyward has gone to the DL and Jenks, after stringing together a few tidy SAVES, will be out of the lineup for the White Sox for a few days. Happ is not inspiring a lot of confidence in his rehab starts and the Philies either haven’t made any plans for his return or are keeping them close to their chest.