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H2H week 11

Up and down all last week and we ended up losing 5 7 0. This put us back down to 3rd overall, we still have the most weekly category wins but because we only have 3 ties all season, whereas most other teams are into or approaching double figures, we are third by virtue of winning percentage.

Did make a couple of moves last week, Rollins came off the DL, he was activated on Thursday though not been in the lineup yet as Escobar has been steady recently and Rollins hasn’t started hitting yet, either in his rehab starts or with the Philies. The Escobar/Cabrera decision didn’t end up being that difficult, Escobar has been OK recently and Cabrera has been dealing with an injury and whilst it seems he may not go to the DL, it’s been affecting his production and we dropped him to accommodate Rollins.

Also dropped Chase Headley, so we are now running with just 3 bench spots on the hitting side, in order to pick up Jeremy Hellickson. Wade Davis has been struggling for the Rays and Hellickson is their top pitching prospect and expected to be called up soon. I have half an eye on Wood and waiting to hear the trade rumours, if he gets traded and is no longer closing, then we need to decide what we are going to do with the relief pitching categories. Wood’s SAVES will be hard to replace from the wire, unless I want Qualls and his season ERA of 8.88, so we need to consider punting SAVES altogether, in which case I could put Hellickson in the lineup, assuming he has been called up and drop one of the relievers or trade one for a bat. If we do punt SAVES, then Bailey + one of Niemann/Lewis/Wilson might be enough to get us a serviceable bat? But a lot has to happen before we need to consider this, Hellickson needs to be called up and show he can be comparable to the starters mentioned above and Wood needs to be effective, traded and not closing and we need to find a trade partner, which might not be as easy as it sounds given that there have only been 4 trades all season.