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Monthly Archives: June 2010

In response to:Bring back McLaren!

Dont forget football is my 4th or 5th sport. So im bound to come at it from a different and more objective angle than most. Example, the hardcore felt that our experience would see us past a rookie German team of kids. To me it was obvious that the kids would play us off the […]

In response to:Bring back McLaren!

I absolutely agree but wonder if you held a gun to the head of the majority of supporters of Premier League clubs whether you would get the same answer? We saw tonight that the Spanish can put aside not only club but regional differences as well, LLorente from the Basque country, Barca players from Catalunya […]

Roto week 11

A couple of experiments have been ended now, Beckham has continued around the Mendosa line even though inter league play has woken up the White Sox. Whilst they continued to stink it up I could understand Guillen persevering with him with an eye to the future but if they think they can win now, they […]

Bring back McLaren!

Then we can fail to qualify for Euro 2012 and not have to watch this dreck! If that’s really what we want? Whilst I might blather away here from time to time, I’m no great football analyst and I’m sure there were things Capello could have done differently and better, but before the knee jerk […]

H2H week 11

Up and down all last week and we ended up losing 5 7 0. This put us back down to 3rd overall, we still have the most weekly category wins but because we only have 3 ties all season, whereas most other teams are into or approaching double figures, we are third by virtue of […]