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Monthly Archives: May 2010

I’m in a rock and roll band

Not me, I’m not, but the BBC TV series. Watched the ones broadcast so far on iPlayer last night and it was pretty entertaining stuff but as with most things like this, there is a vote online for ‘the best’ in singer, guitar, drums, bass and band and I do realise that there is never […]

Back at it

Played my first tournament since 24th January, connection held up, which was good, did have a slight problem with the flash client, came up with an error, something about being unable to ID the table, the system wasn’t balancing the tables at the time so I have no idea what could have caused the problem. […]

Roto week 7

OK, so now ‘free fall’ is not too strong a phrase for my Roto performance, down to 9th place with 63 points from 2nd and 98 points a couple of weeks ago. Pitching has been poor of late and the hitting pretty average, though I wouldn’t have thought that either would have shown the deteriation […]

H2H week 7

We managed a 6 6 0 tie last week, which represents a bit of a correction, but still leaves us just below .500, we have more wins that a couple of teams above us but because we have very few ties, they are ahead on winning percentage. The hitting has warmed up a little and […]

Bits and pieces

I seem to remember dreaming that Pavano was my best pitcher in Roto, really glad I didn’t post anything that stupid!?! I did see some of the early innings in the Toronto game last night and to be fair to the Bronx Highwayman, whilst he was bad, he also looked to be a little unlucky […]