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Carina Software – Scam artists?

Or just a marketing ploy that got ludicrously out of hand? Unsurprisingly they haven’t troubled themselves to reply to my email so I have no more information than I had earlier in the week. It may be a little unfair to call it a scam as there is a product within the deal which looks very good but the bottom line is that I wasted 6+ hours to get hold of this product and it would appear that there was never any prospect of getting it for the price the offer claimed. I was on the site by about 13.00 US Eastern time, so just after half way through the day and, effectively, the offer had been pulled, without any indication to that effect, which has many of the hallmarks of a scam.

If they had come back to me and said, in so many words, ‘we screwed up’, well that would have been fair enough, this sort of thing happens, or if the website had indicated that the offer had been closed due to the unexpected level of demand, then I wouldn’t have gone through the tortuous download and install.