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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Carina Software, again

No more to report, still no reply to my email, but I did note that the number of hits on this blog went up considerably after I posted about Carina, but no one has commented about what they think of Carina, scam, screw up, whether their software is any good or not? I would like […]

Carina Software – Scam artists?

Or just a marketing ploy that got ludicrously out of hand? Unsurprisingly they haven’t troubled themselves to reply to my email so I have no more information than I had earlier in the week. It may be a little unfair to call it a scam as there is a product within the deal which looks […]

Solar Eclipse – USTREAM live feed.

Longest duration Solar Eclipse until 2132 will commence 00.55 GMT 22 July, the feed is from Guwahati, India. Struggling to find exactly what time the feed goes live, it gives time as PST but I think it will kick off 00.15 GMT. Video streaming by Ustream Comments

Carina Software

Not sure what happened with Carina yesterday? Would like to hear if anyone successfully got hold of the software on offer? I managed to get a copy of Voyager downloaded about midnight yesterday, after two hours I left it still unpacking and went to bed, completed the installation this morning but the purchase option via […]

Carina Software

They seem to have ironed out there hosting problems and downloads are available again, though mine is progressing very slowly with the 600Mb file projected to take another 4 hours at the present rate! Comments