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Latest Kit

As indicated in previous post, I had a bit of pre-unemployment splurge at Sherwoods and got a couple of filters and a couple of bits for the camera. I need to know if I can make the photography thing work with the camera I have, so I got a Hama cable release, which I have tried inside and it seems to work though it’s not ideal. The strap wraps around the case of the camera, placing the plunger built into the strap over the shutter release. The motion in the plunger built into the strap is considerably less than the motion which can be delivered by the sheathed cable which screws into it and due to the stiffness in the strap, the built in plunger does not sit in contact with the shutter release. I was concerned that the movement available was not going to be sufficient to trigger the shutter, but it does, but it must be a close run thing and will need to be put in place quite precisely. When it is in place the strap obscures all the camera controls so the shooting method to be used needs to be set up before putting the cable release on. The Baader Microstage II looks and feels quite sturdy and offers all the adjustment of my current mount, with the addition of the ability to rotate the camera away from the eyepiece to allow visual aiming without needing to realign everything to find the sweet spot again.

I also got the Baader Solar Continuum filter I’d been hankering for since the first time I look at Sun and jumped the UV-IR Cut filter up the wish list and got one of those too. Not used any of the kit in observing conditions yet and the weather forecast suggests that Sunday will be the first opportunity to give it a try.