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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Time Management

More accurately, the lack of it. I seem to remember management types banging on about this concept in an earlier life, I also remember thinking what a bunch of twats they all were but maybe if I taken a little more notice I might, with seemingly all the time I have on my hands right […]

Dead Laptop

Things not going well recently, had a few problems with a job application towards the end of the week due to email issues on my laptop, but it won’t be an issue again for a while as the laptop is now dead. Got up with me tea tray on my lap with the power cord […]

Latest Kit

As indicated in previous post, I had a bit of pre-unemployment splurge at Sherwoods and got a couple of filters and a couple of bits for the camera. I need to know if I can make the photography thing work with the camera I have, so I got a Hama cable release, which I have […]

Sherwoods Has a final splurge before times of stringency took over completely and ordered some stuff from the above company. Not had chance to try any of the kit yet but as it was all received in good order, whatever deficiencies may crop up later won’t be down to Sherwoods. I tried to order the […]