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BlackBerry OS 10.1

twitterProfilePhoto_bigger  Well here is the official blurb on OS 10.1;

And it all seems to be there as billed and yet I remain rather underwhelmed.  Maybe I bought into too much of all the noise at the likes of CrackBerry and others about what might be coming along in OS 10.1?  The improved cursor control and the remote file access(for some reason, not mentioned in the link above?) are welcome but I don’t have any use for PIN to PIN and can’t envisage a use for HDR photography on the Z10.  The per contact notifications still doesn’t include control of the LED other than on/off/default and whilst I have previously squealed about getting fed up of looking at the blinking red light, I do still want some visual indication that I have received something or other and control of the LED pattern and colour would give a suitable indication of what that might be.  There is talk of headless API, which exists already, being rolled out to developers and maybe this, whenever it happens, will see 3rd parties developing effective apps which do not require and active frame.  I understand the concerns regarding poorly designed apps which might hog battery but if BB had put something bigger than an 1800 mAh battery in the Z10 in the first place, this wouldn’t be so much of a concern would it.  I’m most disappointed by the lack of change to the keyboard layout, it is still only all CAPS and when called, displays numbers as part of the full QWERTY keyboard and therefore continues to make the number keys unnecessarily small, which is something of a pain for someone with a numeric password who has to unlock the phone 20+ times a day.

There does now seem to be a slight glitch in the swipe up from the bottom gesture to exit the Hub, it seems to be fine in other apps but to get out of the Hub it now seems to require a swipe much further up the screen than used to be the case.

The update process was smooth enough but took only slightly short of forever.  I clicked on the OTA update button before 5 p.m. and was done at about 7.45.  Part of the delay may have been down to the server as the first chunk of 327 MB took about 30 mins to download and a further 30 to install.  I thought that was it but after doing that piece it started downloading, equally slowly, what it claimed to be, another 2 GB.  In fact this turned out to be very little more than 1 GB but still ended up being about another 45 mins for the download and similar time for the install and a 10 min reboot.

My usage varies considerably from day to day so it is difficult to say with any certainty but there does not seem to have been any improvement in battery performance in this update and if I had to choose, I would say that there has been a slight decrease.  I can’t comment on any stability improvements as I have only had to reboot the Z10 once when BBM stopped working and in the days since OS 10.1 has been installed, the Z10 has worked perfectly.

Roll on OS 10.2

Leaked OS for z10 STL100-2 STL100-3 STL100-4 – BlackBerry Forums at

Leaked OS for z10 STL100-2 STL100-3 STL100-4 – BlackBerry Forums at

I’ve been through a few pages on this thread, so far it largely about where to get the different regional varieties of the OS and the method for loading, as far as I have got it seems a little thin on details of new/changed functionality on the Z10 but this should be the spot where it will show up as time goes on.